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What is Cyd?

Cyd is an organisation with the aim of helping Welsh learners to cross the bridge between being learners and being people who are confident and happy to use the language naturally in a wide range of everyday situations. The future of the language depends on people actually using the language as a matter of choice, every day and everywhere. "Popeth yn y Gymraeg a'r Gymraeg ym mhopeth" (Everything in Welsh and Welsh in everything).

Cyd no longer operates as a national organisation, following the withdrawal of the annual grant from the Welsh Assembly Government (through the Welsh Language Board). The work continues through a network of local groups.

Building a raft - Cyd weekend at lan-llynCyd does not run Welsh classes. Instead local groups organise a wide range of activities aimed at bringing learners and fluent speakers together in an informal and social environment. Contact details for some of the groups are on the contacts page. Activities include coffee mornings and pub sessions, concerts, talks, walks, dances and much more. We also organise weekend events where people can get together to socialise with other people of all ages and backgrounds but with one thing in common: a love of the language and a determination to secure its future.

A key part of our programmes the development of our 'Cynllun Pontio' (Bridging project). This involves bringing fluent speakers into Welsh classes to chat informally in small groups with the learners in the class. This gives the learners a chance to use their newly-acquired language in a natural situation with real Welsh speakers, to hear a range of people using the language naturally, talking about real things in a friendly and supportive environment. The aim is to build confidence so that learners can cross the bridge and start to use the language with confidence outside the class and with complete strangers. The Cynllun Pontio is not yet available everywhere in Wales as it relies on developing a network of fluent speakers who are willing to help out in the classes in an area and so it takes time to start a new scheme. Our aim is to increase the number of areas where it is available as quickly as possible.

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